The "Gravel" phenomenon, was born in California in the same area where was born the MTB in the early 80s when a small group of young men, including Gary Fisher, Charlie Kelly and Tom Ritchey, had the right intuition that revolutionized and re-launched in the world of cycling.

The Gravel Bikes, to say it in a reductive way, they are a middle between road bikes and mountain bikes, with classic bike geometries. From road bikes is taken the silhouette, the handlebars and the size of the wheels, the tread design from the MTB and most of the components, from historic bike, geometry, driveability and consequently, the comfort. Because of this, they are the best you can get for cycling long time, along the back roads of the Terre di Siena, both gravel and paved roads.

The dirt roads of Radicondoli and its paved roads with very low traffic index, being the most spectacular stages of the most renowned automotive Rally, such as Sanremo, could only be the perfect stage for the first Gravel Road Race of Tuscany.

Participants will ride along the roads that cross the geothermal fields between Belforte and Le Galleraie until Anqua through the woods of the Carline, then Cornocchia, La Selva, the Castello di Casole and Pievescola to return finally to Radicondoli.

For this first edition, the mileage will be 89, of which about 40% of gravel roads. Four special stages are planned for a grand total of about 15 km, interspersed with tourist paced transfers. This will allow participants to decide whether to give all, or not, in the time trials and still enjoy the Radicondoli's territory while relaxing between a special stage and the next one, perhaps getting some stops to take pictures with slower friends.

There will be two cycling routes of 57 and 28 kilometers of paved roads.


All tours will depart from Radicondoli and will have a refreshment in Belforte.